I call downtown Toronto my home. I live in the city's west end where there are unique shops, yummy bakeries and wide open green space called Trinity Bellwoods Park.

My maternity leave has just ended and I've (gulp!) made the huge decision to stay at home with my sweet and marvellous little boy. Writing was a big part of my job and it is something that I have come to miss doing on a regular basis over this past year. So, enter Monkey's Muse! This is my spot for writing and sharing in a shall we say grown up way what I do, what I see and what I like. 

My work used to give me a great sense of accomplishment. Now, I share daily accomplishments with my monkey. He can hoot like an owl and touch his nose -- a feat that took days and days to master.

Published originally in The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

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