I just got my copy of Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman and I'm very excited to read about the supposed wisdom of French parenting. Druckerman, a former reporter for the The Wall Street Journal, moves to Paris and finds that French children eat gourmet meals, are extremely well-behaved and that their parents are relaxed with an 'easy, calm authority' with their children.

I think my parenting philosophy is similar. I want to have a strong relationship with my little monkey -- one that is based on trust and mutual respect.

When my husband and I became parents, we decided we would include our baby in the things that we enjoy like eating out and traveling. We don't want to feel restricted by having a little baby in tow. Our thinking is that if we expose Monkey to new experiences and environments, he will be adaptable and will be eager to take on new experiences of his own. So far, so good. Monkey is an amazing traveling companion and we've come to appreciate dining with the other early birds.

(Photo via HiP Paris Blog)

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