Huggies recent advertising blunder is making me wonder, is it time to revisit the dad stereotype?

Here's a quick recap on the issue. Huggies launched an advertising campaign showing dads who were too busy watching sports to deal with their babies dirty diapers. An offended dad started a petition asking Huggies to drop the ads and rethink their portrayal of dads. Huggies took action -- pulling the ads, issuing an official apology and now holding roundtable sessions with dads to get their perspective on fatherhood and Huggies products. Owning up to the issue and taking action is good PR.

The number of stay-at-home dads is on the rise. A 2011 Statistics Canada study found that 12 per cent of men are stay-at-home dads, as compared to 4 per cent in 1986. Dads are becoming equal partners in raising their kids.

Dads are often protrayed as fumbling, bumbling beings. Just look at Homer Simpson. I do think it's time to revisit the stereotype of the typical dad. I don't want to lose the humour, but let's refocus it. As a wife and a mother, I want to see dads portrayed in a competent and thoughtful way. I want my son to have a positive sense of who he can become as he grows up.

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