ABC Painting by The Alpha Shop

I'm so proud to share that my mom has opened her very own shop on Etsy. It's called The Alpha Shop. Now retired, my mom taught kindergarten for more than 30 years. She's quite fond of happy music and absolutely loves teaching little ones about the world around them. Monkey is her first (and only) grandchild and he's delighted whenever she sings and plays with him. Thanks to my mom, he can now say he's one year old!

When it came time to decorate Monkey's nursery, I wanted to create a space that could easily transition from baby to toddler to little boy. My mom helped me decorate and this is when she picked up a paint brush and created two paintings to help Monkey learn his ABCs (above) and 123s. That's how it all started. It took a lot of coaxing to encourage her to start The Alpha Shop, but I'm so very proud that she's stepped (it's really a leap if you ask her) outside of her comfort zone and put her work up online for all to see. She's already thinking of her next project for Monkey...will it be trains, trucks, cars, buildings or trees?

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