I find that it can be overwhelming to visit a toy store with the stacks and stacks of colourful toys. How do you choose a toy that will both amuse and teach your little one? And, how do you choose a toy that will be treasured for more than just a few days? I'd like to share a few of our favourite toys that have had real staying power with Monkey ...

Wheely bug mouse
Mouse Wheely Bug
Monkey first started pushing it around, learning to walk.
Now, he's discovered he can sit on it and make it go all by himself!

Charley harper nesting blocks
Charley Harper Nesting Blocks
At first Monkey was thrilled to watch me build a tower and then he'd knock it down.
Now, he wants to be the builder. Next, the blocks will help us learn his ABCs and 123s.

Schoenhut mini red piano
My First Piano
Monkey loves getting a big round of applause for his performances.

Playground Ball
Rolling the ball captivates Monkey for a solid 30 minutes (an eternity in toddler time!).

wooden stacking hen
Stacking Hen
There's a hidden egg inside this special mother hen.
Monkey still can't quite get the stacking down pat, but he keeps trying!

P'Kolino shape sorter
Shape sorter
Monkey is addicted to putting the yellow hexagon in place.
He now knows 'yellow', but I think 'hexagon' is still a ways off.

If you have any toys that have managed to keep your child's interest, please share! I'm always on the lookout for good toys that will entertain and teach Monkey a thing or two.

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