This weekend we had a big family lunch with our friends. Monkey was in awe of the three little babies who ranged from eight weeks to seven months old. He was desperate to share his toy train and was perplexed as to why the smallest baby just didn't think it was as cool as he did.

Spending time with these little ones made me nostalgic for Monkey's baby days. Yes, it was a difficult time with little sleep, overwhelming emotions, lengthy nursing sessions and piles of laundry, but it was also a time filled with sweet moments. Looking back now, here are the things that I enjoyed (and that kept me sane!) during those early months ...

1. Living and Learning with Baby. I joined this mommy group through Toronto Public Health when Monkey was three months old. I learned a great deal about babies and, more importantly, I met a group of amazing women who live in our neighbourhood and who I now call friends.

2. Post-natal yoga. I practiced downward dog with Monkey beside me, or in some cases, involved in the poses too.

3. Movies for Mommies. This was one of my favourite things to do. Monkey either nursed or slept while I was entertained with movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, Bridesmaids and The Ides of March. And if he fussed, it didn't matter since it was just a group of parents who were in the same boat!

4. Library time. The Toronto Public Library offers baby time classes with singing and reading, which is another great way to get out and meet other moms in your neighbourhood.

5. Art Strollers. Monkey and I toured contemporary works at the AGO, strolled through the Distillery District and took a free guided tour of Luminato exhibits. We became cultured one outing at a time!

And now looking back, my most cherished moments from those new baby days were when I'd just curl up with Monkey for a nap or for some quiet time to really get to know my special little guy.

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