Four years ago (almost to the day) we bought our house. It was a memorable day for it was our very first house and it was also the day Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential race. We signed on the dotted line during Obama's victory speech. I wonder what excitement today will bring.

Coincidentally, the political bug has infiltrated our house and so we're slowly making our way through the required viewing. Not too long ago we revisited Wag the Dog; a good movie about media manipulation. Here's a quick synopsis: Weeks before a U.S. Presidential election the President is caught in a sex scandal. A 'spin doctor' and a Hollywood movie producer create a fictitious war to divert voter attention away from the real issue at hand.

Part of me cringed as I watched because it so boldly addresses the negative stereotypes associated with public relations. Many people believe (and unfortunately my mother is one of them) that public relations is spin and how best to manipulate the facts to avoid telling the truth. Smart communications is about telling the truth, and telling it in a way that is clearly understood by all. Isn't honesty supposed to be the best policy?


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