Dry legumes

Yesterday was a day I will not easily (or quickly) forget. It was one of those days that you dread as a parent. Monkey had his first serious allergic reaction. The culprit was lentil soup. We were happily eating our lunch and then suddenly his lips swelled up and white patches appeared on his cheeks and chin. Off to the doctor we went. It was a scary time. Thankfully, he was back to his happy little self by late afternoon.

The unnerving part is that I had introduced lentils a long time ago and, although he didn't like them, there was no reaction at all. According to our pediatrician, an allergy can show up after a few exposures to it and each time the reaction can be worse. And let me pass along another tidbit I learned yesterday, if your child starts coughing (Monkey didn't do this) while having any allergic reaction, call an ambulance immediately.

Needless to say, legumes are now banished from our home until we see an allergist for more definitive help.


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