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Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

I always feel like the New Year brings with it a fresh start. It's a chance to set your mind to doing the things you promise yourself you'll do whether it's living a more healthy life, going on new adventures, cooking more often or wearing a hat when it's cold outside. Do you make New Year resolutions? I try to make just a few to increase my chance of success. So, here goes my 2013 resolutions ...

Stop worrying about work. You might find this one a bit odd since I'm taking time away from my career to stay at home with Monkey and I'm choosing not to work. Well, I do worry (a lot) about how this time is affecting my career -- will I still be relevant, how far behind my peers will I fall? I have taken on a few freelance projects this past year, but it is still a worry. My resolution is to enjoy this time. Monkey is only young for such a short time and I will have many, many years ahead of me to continue to build my career.

Take more pictures. Somehow over the last year I've become a bit lazy when it comes to capturing candid moments from our everyday life. It's time to keep the camera close at hand once again!

Exercise. I've never been one to workout at a gym, but I walk a lot and I used to do yoga regularly. We used to go for long walks when Monkey was small and he'd sleep in the stroller, but it's not as easy to make those treks when he wants to get out and explore or walk himself. My new plan is to go for a fast morning walk with Monkey whether it's to the grocery store or around our neighbourhood (no more leisurely strolls with a coffee!) and, one night a week I'm going to make time to go swimming. I think this sounds doable.

I'd love to hear about your New Year's resolutions!


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