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I'm in the midst of a Spring purge. Clutter seems to accumulate too easily in our small house and so it is time to take decisive action. My spare moments have been dedicated to purging our home of things we no longer need or use, from household items and clothes to shoes, bags and books. I'm moving from room to room at a slow pace (after all, my spare time is limited to Monkey's nap), but gradually the large garbage bags are stacking up, ready for the donation box. It is really quite an invigorating process.

I just finished purging my closet. I was a bit ruthless, but my clothes now have space to breathe and be seen. There is a wealth of tips online to get you through the process -- here are a few easy tips that helped me ...

One year rule: If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in one year then it's time to let it go. This one is a bit hard, so start with a two-year rule if that works better for you.

Be stoic: Try really hard not to feel emotional about getting rid of your once prized and favourite piece. If you no longer wear it, then it should go so that someone else can create fond memories with it.

Avoid duplicates: I tend to hoard some wardrobe basics (white t-shirts, white shirts, black turtlenecks, black leggings, etc.). There is no need to have so many duplicates because I only wear one at a time. I tossed all the worn pieces so now all of my basics look crisp and neat.

Try stuff on: Take the time to make sure the clothes you keep fit you well and make you feel good. If you really love something that doesn't fit properly, a trip to the tailor can be your saving grace.

Next up on my task list ... Spring cleaning!


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