Happy New Year

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a chance to reflect back on accomplishments of the last year and a chance to set new goals for the year ahead. 

Was 2013 kind to you? It was a special year for me. Our little family prepared for, and welcomed, a baby girl. She has brought such joy to us all. My heart swells at how Monkey has embraced his new sibling, showering her with his endless and enthusiastic love each day. 

My goals for the year ahead will be simple. Here goes my 2014 resolutions ... 

Photograph my kiddos. Inspired by this blog series, I'm challenging myself to take weekly photos to document my children as they grow up right before my eyes.

Spend money responsibly. Fiscal restraint is not one of my finer qualities. My husband manages our household finances because in my mind, he likes numbers and I do not. At the coaxing of John, it is time that I learn about our family finances and be more responsible about spending.

Exercise. This is one resolution from 2013 that I failed at miserably. I would like to blame my pregnancy for derailing my exercise plans, but unfortunately I am just hopeless at exercise. So, I'm going to start out small by setting a goal of getting to the swimming pool or to a yoga class at least once a week. 

Be patient. Interrupted and little sleep has left me with little patience, and it is my loved ones that feel it most. I need to do better plain and simple.

Do you have any goals you'd like to share for 2014?


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