My friend Jacquie forewarned me that your second baby grows up so much faster than your first. I never imagined that statement could be so true. 

Little Bean is now six months old and I find myself feeling incredibly nostalgic for her babyhood. To be honest, I started feeling this way when she was just four months old. She's such a delight with her huge smile that lights up her whole face, her new found belly laugh and her absolute adoration of Monkey. Perhaps it's because I know she will be my last baby, or perhaps it's because of her engaging disposition that I want to hold on to precious day-to-day moments. 

Monkey's babyhood was sweet and seemed to move at a steady pace. I welcomed each stage of development, eager to see what was next. Now, I feel like I'm pining for Little Bean's babyhood and it's not even over. 

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