We've now survived two hurricanes. First, Tropical Storm-turned-Hurricane Fay pummeled Bermuda leaving fallen trees, blocked roads and widespread power outages in its wake. One week later, Hurricane Gonzalo ripped across the island causing more damage and devastation. That was the scariest night of my life as intense winds and heavy rain battered our house. The eye of the hurricane -- the very centre of the storm -- passed directly over the island, which was an unnerving experience. The destructive winds came to an abrupt stop and everything was eerily quiet before the second half of the hurricane came at us with full force. The calm lasted for just over an hour, but it felt like eternity as we waited, huddled together, for the storm to continue.

Our Bermuda house withstood the wind and the rain with only minor damage. The same cannot be said for many of the homes that dot the landscape with blue tarps marking missing roofs and crumbled structures.

The last hurricane of this magnitude struck in 2003 and left a great deal more destruction, so for that we are thankful. With any luck, we will not see a storm like this again for a long, long time.

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