We recently returned from a trip to Canada where we visited [most of] our favourite people and places. We spent time relaxing and feasting at Langdon Hall where our married life began; building a snowmen with what little snow remained; discovering [and dancing at] the Children's Museum; wandering the Royal Ontario Museum where Monkey first discovered his love of dinosaurs; strolling our old Queen Street West neighbourhood; chowing down at Terroni where you can eat well with kiddos in tow; and watching the sea creatures at the Aquarium where Little Bean first squealed at jelly fish.

We found an apartment rental through Kid & Coe, a website tailored to family-friendly home rentals around the globe, that was a wonderful landing spot after a day filled with visits and sight-seeing.

It was an exciting and happy time away. Here are a few pictures if you'd like to take a look ...

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