Clean and minimal kitchen

On three different (and recent) occasions, I've been told that I'm a very messy cook. At first I was surprised. Me, messy? It can't be so. It is my daily mission to keep the house clean and clutter-free. But when my husband commented on my mess I stopped and looked around. Every cooking utensil seemed to be in use, multiple pots scattered the countertop, a heap of organic waste sat beside not one, but two cutting boards and there wasn't a clean zone to be seen. No wonder it takes me so long to clean up -- I make a mess!

My friend Eve is the exact opposite. She is a tidy cook. In fact, she seamlessly cooks and cleans up so that when she sits down to a meal, her kitchen is spotless and the only clean up she has to do afterwards are the dishes on the table. Doesn't that sound efficient and relaxing?

I'm curious, what type of cook are you? And, do you have any tips for a messy cook who is looking to convert?


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