Exactly one year ago, our family moved from bustling downtown Toronto to Bermuda. This beautiful little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is now our home, and with each passing day we feel more settled.

It is fitting to recognize this milestone because we just spent the last month off island. We went to New York City where we saw the sights, strolled through neighbourhoods in search of the coolest playgrounds, shopped the grand department stores and small boutiques, ate the best food and just lived like locals from our apartment in the Upper West Side. We also went to Canada to visit friends and family. It was a welcome escape from the summer heat and life on an island that is only 21 square miles.

While it was exciting to be away, exploring new areas, seeing new things and catching up with loved ones, I'm happy to be back. Now, we can catch up with new friends and admire this picturesque island with its slower pace and expected pleasantries when passing perfect strangers.

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