This week was Monkey's first day at big kid school. He started Year 1, which is the equivalent to Senior Kindergarten in Canada. It was a big deal with a new school, new teachers and new classmates.

This week was also Little Bean's first day at nursery school. She's now going three mornings a week to the same nursery school that Monkey went to, and she's so very excited to be a big girl.

The first day of school photos 

This week was also the first in almost six years that I found myself alone with no children to play with or coax along during errands. It was a strange sensation. I felt light, as though something was missing, but I accomplished a lot in just two short hours -- my grocery shop was extremely efficient and the search for a birthday gift was executed with military precision.

With new school routines, it does feel like a fresh new year is upon us. With my new-found solo time, I'm eager to handle chores and errands so that the majority of our time together after school can be spent doing the fun stuff. Wait! Is it possible that I might catch and match John with the claim of being the 'fun parent' now?!

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