Happy weekend! This is the sand mountain. It's a huge pile of sand in Trinity Bellwoods Park that is absolute heaven for kids to climb, dig and slide. We will no doubt be spending time at the sand mountain this weekend.

Time will also be spent finishing up Monkey's big boy bedroom. Last weekend we painted the walls, so now we just have to put up his map mural and install his 'big boy' bed. This is a big transition for our little Monkey. He loves his crib dearly. I wish we could keep him in it for a little while longer, but I'd like to make sure there's ample time before he sees it set up in another room for our second baby. We've made a really big deal of his new bed to help him make the transition -- his papa built the bed frame especially for him and he picked out new dinosaur sheets. 

If you're looking for something (free) to do this weekend with your little one, Horse Day is taking place at the Horse Palace, Exhibition Place. It's sure to be a hit with interactive exhibits, story time, crafts and even a tour of the Toronto Police Mounted Unit stables.

Here's a song to start your weekend off -- it's Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, featuring T.1. and Pharrell. I have a weakness for Pharrell and can't seem to get this one out of my head (apologies if you've heard it ad nauseam on the radio).

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