baby hands and feet

Apparently, you can tell a woman's true age by looking at her hands. I'm in trouble. I've always focused on trying to keep fine lines away from my face, while my neglected hands remain dry, chapped and cracking. To add to my problem, I don't like the feel of greasy hand cream. It's a conundrum, you see?

Let me take a bit of a detour ... Monkey has inherited my dry skin. You know how some babies have the softest skin -- especially on their chubby thighs? That was not my little guy. Instead, he had little rough, red patches of dry skin that he itched constantly. I was determined to find a cream that worked for him and was free of harsh ingredients. My search ended with Calendula Baby Cream by Weleda Baby. Calendula is a flower and its extract soothes, heals and protects his sensitive skin, making it baby soft.

And, this cream has also worked wonders on my hands. I use it before bed and I've noticed a dramatic improvement. It's thick, but it absorbs fairly quickly and the fact that I only have to use it once a day means grease-free hands during the day.

Calendula Baby Cream by Weleda Baby

Now, my next resolution is to wear sunscreen on my hands daily since they are constantly exposed pushing a stroller and playing outside with Monkey...no more sun spots to defy my age!

Do you have any hand cream favourites to share?


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