I'm 35 weeks pregnant today. I feel like the final countdown has begun until we meet our little girl. The nursery is ready, the baby clothes are washed and folded, a double stroller has been purchased (gulp!) and so now we just wait.

Monkey is excitedly making big plans for her arrival. He's going to teach her how to walk, run and talk. He's going to cuddle for stories and share his smoothies with her. And, he's convinced he's going to sleep with her and carry her down the stairs.

I too am making big plans for her arrival. I'm thinking of ways to maintain Monkey's daily routine, involve him in the care of the baby and encourage him to be a big helper. I'm brainstorming activities and crafts in advance for the coming cooler months when getting outside with a newborn isn't always possible.

Needless to say, when the baby joins our family it will be a steep learning curve for Monkey and me. He will learn about the baby's limitations and I will learn how to manage the needs and wants of both my kiddos. For now, I will continue to focus on how to make this transition from singleton to sibling as easy for Monkey as I can. Wish me luck!

(Photos from the baby's nursery)

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