The Town of St. George became the first permanent English settlement in Bermuda in 1612, and it is also claim to the first English settlement in the New World.

Bermuda was founded by accident in 1609 after the Sea Venture, a Royal Navy ship heading for Jamestown, Virginia, was severely damaged by a hurricane and wrecked on the reefs around the island. Admiral Sir George Somers led his crew to safety and remained here for 10 months, building a church and houses in what is now St. George's.

Today, St. George's is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with interesting architecture and a storied past, including roles in the American War of Independence and the American Civil War. Over the holidays, we spent a morning in the historic town,  exploring the Unfinished Church, the State House (built in 1620 and the oldest building on the island) and the tiny cobblestone streets. Here are just a few snapshots ...

The Unfinished Church, Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda


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